Should You Read This Post?

Recently, I’ve found I have to make decisions. After years of riding others’ bow waves, my age and circumstances now necessitate a degree of self-reliance. And so I’ve pulled out my decision-making-skill, only to find it malnourished and stunted– a victim of neglect.

The ensuing unease has led me to wonder: how do we make decisions? It’s a process we seldom dwell on, deciding there are better things to concern ourselves with. But what is the process that enables us to take in countless amounts of data, analyze their use, and spit out what action should yield the best results, and all of this in a timely manner? How do we shift, from mapping out long-term checkpoints and finish lines, to whether we should have another over-priced colored fluid or it’s derived form, water? What can we do to increase decision-making’s efficiency and decrease its defects?

Perhaps, by investigating decision-making, I can learn how to develop my own skill. And perhaps my research will prove useful for others– but that will be for the readers to decide.


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