The Art of Choosing

I first came across Iyengar’s work in my previous nonfiction choice, Blink, through which I became aware of her contributions to the field of decision-making. Choosing her book, The Art of Choosing, proved to be a wise decision. I picked the book up in the hopes of further investigating decision-making; in hindsight, I regret not choosing it first. Iyengar provides firsthand accounts of several studies; in addition, she manages to explain decision making in a simultaneously broad and thorough fashion. Gladwell’s novel, while intriguing, focused on one aspect of decisions making but was more diffused in hos explanations. Iyengar, on the other hand, covered different facets of decision making in depth. Furthermore, her expertise on the subject matter should not be neglected. As a Columbia University psychology professor, she is undeniably qualified to present the information, and her analysis are insightful and distinctively her own. Many of the studies she mentions are performed by her and colleagues, lending a personal sense to her writing. Ultimately, I was pleased by the book and am eager to use her work in my research.


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